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Healing/Retreat Center Residential / Commercial Development

We have developed a vision of a possible wellness community that could include the filling elements. All of this is completely optional and completely up to discretion of the buyer. We thought it might be inspirational to include this vision as a possibility. Our concept is a hybrid of Healing/Retreat Center residential/commercial development. The heart of this envisioned Wellness Center/Community is the retreat center with a rotating schedule of visiting retreat leaders who bring their students for week-long workshops as well as offering these retreats for residents of the community. In addition, for residents, ongoing classes in wellness, healing, movement, dance, speakers, educational talks, etc. could be offered regularly as an integral part of this Nosara community experience.

In addition to the already existing facilities for a retreat center, there is land that could be used to develop a wellness community. It could be a way to offset the expense of purchasing the property and renovations and could cover the required investment.

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