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Playa Pelada

Beach Access

A short five-minute walk through natural landscapes and unpaved roads brings you to the secluded, pristine beach of Playa Pelada.  Here you can swim, surf, stand up paddle board, collect shells, sunbathe, and explore caves near Boca de Nosara, the mouth of the Nosara River.

Bocas de Nosara

We are within walking distance from Bocas de Nosara (Nosara River mouth) where both the Rio Nosara and Rio Montana converge and empty into the Pacific Ocean. You will observe lots of wildlife in this beautiful and tranquil reserve.  Here you can also discover hiking trails, stand up paddle boarding, and kayaking.

Jungle Trails

From our property, you can enter lush, natural jungle trails and walk alongside estuaries as you immerse yourself in giant trees, hanging vines, and tall grass. These trails include a private jungle path that leads you right to the beautiful and tranquil beach of Playa Pelada.

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